Department of Literature and Art

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Department of Literature and Art belonging to Faculty of Vietnamese Studies and Language was established in 1968.
Department of Literature and Art

Department of Literature and Art

Department of Literature and Art belonging to Faculty of Vietnamese Studies and Language was established in 1968.

The staff members

  • Dr. Le Thi Thanh Tam, the head
  • B.S. Nguyen Thi Bich Nga, the deputy head
  • Dr. Pham Phu Ty
  • Dr. Nguyen Viet Huong
  • B.S. Tran Thi Thu
  • B.S. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang

1. Funtions and missions

The department has functions and missions to train the official bachelor of Vietnamese Studies for both Vietnamese and foreign students and take part in training Vietnamese language for foreigners.

1.1. The bachelor Programs

The department takes responsibility for teaching students majoring Vietnamese Studies (in system of subjects according to the standard output program of USSH in 2012). Basing on this characteristics and the specialized knowledge of teaching staff in the department, the subjects included: Foundation for Vietnamese literature, Modern Vietnamese Literature, Vietnamese Medieval Literature, Vietnamese folklore literature, Art of Vietnamese performances, Art of Vietnamese cuisines, Literature of Vietnamese Nationalities, Vietnamese sceneries and historical places…

In future, the role of Vietnamese Studies becomes more and more important; the department gradually makes it perfect, stabilizes teaching programs, makes a system of subjects, and as well as researches on Studies of Areas and interbranch such as: Vietnamese classic Literature in the situation of South East Asia, The researchs of foreign Vietnamese studies scientists on Vietnamese Literature, Vietnamese poems on the world trends; Vietnamese Budhism Art and Music; Vietnamese Visual Art… Deeply researching also is the trend to develop the department in oerder to prepare a system of lectures and teaching materials for graduate and postgraduate programs of Vietnamese Studies.

1.2. Teaching Vietnamese for foreigners

With the experience of teaching Vietnamese for foreigners in more than 40 years, the teaching staff in the department needs to guarantee the standard time for bachelor program, and also complete the mission of teaching Vietnamese for students according to the government’s agreements and short – term programs. It is also the important mission of the department to contribute to the faculty’s good relationships. Developing and renewing the teaching methods in the agreement programs are making the unique faculty’s culture which is both the unique literal and political mission which the teaching staff in the department together works on.

2. Science Researches

With the missions of Vietnamese Studies, one the basic science research branches in VNU, the department chooses some deep research scopes including:

  • Researching teaching methods of language skills for foreign students such as: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Researching and making the specialized teaching materials for teaching Vietnamese Studies for foreigners such as: Culture – History, Language – Literature, Economics – Society…
  • Theories of teaching and applying for teaching Vietnamese for foreigners
  • Theories of designing and editing teaching materials…
  • Implementing to write lectures and materials according to the teaching demand of VSL and USSH

Vietnamese Studies is recognized as one of the science base in the model of university’s research, the ministry of Literature and Art chooses the following main research branches:

  • Vietnamese Literature in the situation of Asia/ South East Asia
  • Vietnamese Art from the viewpoint of tradition/ culture area/ nationalities
  • Some issues on Vietnamese literature, art in the current trend of international researches
  • Vietnamese translated literature

With these tendencies, the department has planned to implement the research theses which are suitable to the specialities of each staff members or each staff groups. The department also takes part in conselling, guiding and opposing the students’ graduate theses, effectively supervises the students’ scientific research projects whichs are related to above tendencies.

The department has connection and usual cooperative relation with the following teaching and researching centers:

  • Faculty of Literature – USSH – VNU
  • Faculty of Linguistics – USSH – VNU
  • The office of ancient – medieval Vietnamese literature, The Office of Vietnamese folklore literature – Institute of Literature – Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)
  • The department of medieval Literature – Faculty of Literature – Pedagogical University Hanoi
  • Vietnam Conservatory of Music – Vietnam National Academy of Music

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